So, you’ve built a successful business. But are you happy?

Do you have the freedom that you sought when you started your own business? 

When a client’s business runs profitably without the owner being constantly involved in the day to day operations.  That’s a valuable business that can be sold.  

Our first meeting is no charge.  The meeting is designed to verify that your desires and goals are in alignment with our service offerings and we’d be a great fit.  If we all decide to go forward, I promise our fees are guaranteed.    

The measure of Mental Fitness is called Positive Intelligence Quotient or (PQ) for short.  It’s a proven and sustainable way to develop all of the competencies associated with high performance and personal satisfaction — similar to athletes being “in the zone.”  

Benefits of the  Accountability Master Mind Circle by James Rohrbach (PQ) program

·      Quiet your negative mind-chatter
·      Raise your overall happiness and improve all relationships 
·      Thrive in all areas of their life
·      Choosing progress over perfection
·      Learn how to increase your focus, clarity, and performance
·      Changing your limiting beliefs
·      Getting out of your comfort zone
·      Lower your levels of stress, anxiety, frustration
·      Increased Emotional Intelligence ®

This program is designed for maximum accountability and support. These two factors increase your chance of success by up to 95% according to the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD).

Move beyond mere talk and commit to specific actions and share them with your accountability circle weekly.  We will discuss the Saturday videos’, answer all questions. Set smart goals. Agree to 100% confidentiality and support circle members to have the best year ever!  

Each private  Accountability Master Mind Circle is limited to 4 members per circle, Apply by clicking here.  Your master mind is via zoom and includes unlimited texting, for quick answers and support. The times will be shared with you when you choose this option.  

Other Benefits of the Accountability Master Mind Circle by James Rohrbach

  • You’ll perform better while working less hard—similar to athletes “in the zone” 
  • You’ll feel less stressed, more peace, and consistent happiness, even in tough times
  • You’ll improve relationships, be able to handle conflicts in ways that deepen trust and harmony.

Is it time to free up your schedule by bringing in a manager to run your company day-to-day?

  1. Or are you ready to sell?
  2. Or maybe you’re planning to transition your business to a new generation of leaders to protect your legacy. 

According to The Exit Planning Institute, 76% of owners will exit their company in the next ten years.  The danger of ever-increasing competition of sellers could result in no real financial gain for a lifetime of work THE STATISTICS ARE JUST PLAIN SCARY 

  •  76% of owners will exit their company in the next ten years according to The Exit Planning Institute;
  • 73% of “successful” businesses never sell, even if a broker lists them;
  •  A majority of businesses simply close their doors and never even try to sell;
  •  Most close within a year of not selling, leaving the owner with no real financial gain;


Whether you want to sell for a premiumor just want to know that you could sell.   That’s where The Value Builder System comes in.  We’ve built a step-by-step process designed to remove you personally from your business, driving up its value and giving you back control over your time.  We work with clients to improve each of the eight strategic drivers of every company’s valuation.  Boosting the average valuation by up to 71% over 50,000+ companies.   As a Value Builder Advisor, we can often show a return on investment of more than 100:1 on every dollar invested in the value building consulting program. This makes for a compelling economic case and it just makes sense.


  • Do you want a well-oiled machine – even if you are gone on vacation for months?;
  • Reduce your company’s dependence on you;
  • Receive your very own customized roadmap for success.
  • Make your business the obvious buyers’ choice if you’d want to sell;
  • Protect your family and your legacy;
  • Command higher prices and generate greater profits;
  • How to keep your employees loyal; 
  • Separate your business from your competition;
  • How to avoid commoditization and costly price wars;
  • Create competition-crushing marketing;
  • Command higher prices and generate greater profits;
  • The one kind of revenue that can triple the value of your business;

Click here to book a private call   The Value Builder Score questionnaire only takes 13 minutes to complete.  You will receive your summary report upon completion via the email that you entered – start the report. Start Value Builder Score report by clicking here: GET YOUR VBS REPORT

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We offer advisory services for both strategic and operational issues. We have particular expertise in:
  • PQ Coaching
  • Mental fitness consulting and coaching
  • Exit Planning & succession planning
  • Sales training programs
  • Performance coaching
  • Building a more valuable company.
  • Valuation Acceleration Programs